The Newcastle Coders Group is a volunteer run community and meetup centred around a shared love of programming, creativity and technology. On the first Wednesday of each month we gather to talk tech and share a meal. Meetups are usually attended by twenty or thirty people from across the Newcastle software development community

A fixture of most meetups is a keynote talk (or two) focused on topics ranging from your rights at work to building a music synthesiser using floppy drives.

We welcome anyone and everyone interested in software development, from all backgrounds, identities and skill levels. Over our 200+ meetups across more than years we've seen our fair share of students, career changers, hobbyists, seasoned developers and even CTOs.

About our organisers

NCAGU is a volunteer-run group. Our current organisers are:

Klee Thomas

Contact Klee on:

Peter Drew (Founder)

John Roach

David Williams (Founder)

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