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What’s New in VS 2017 + ALM

(released 26/01/2017)

We'll be kicking off the year with a regular presenter, Adam Cogan talking about what is coming up for Visual Studio.

Adam has been presenting at the Newcastle Coders Group since it's inception 11 years ago and always puts on a good show.

We're welcoming a new sponsor this month with local business BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors providing pizza. Find out more about BMT at

We'll be continuing with our previous meeting time and location.

ICT Building at the University of Newcastle
6:00 pm
1st of February.

As always it’s free to attend and everyone is welcome.

What’s New in VS 2017 + ALM

Visual Studio 2017 is a great step forward in developer productivity, thanks to a new/refreshing/cool/awesome change of attitude, Microsoft is embracing the winning tools in the development space and is building them into the next version of Visual Studio. The open sourcing of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core along with the release of the free Visual Studio Community Edition and Visual Studio Code gives developers lots of choice as to which IDE to use.

Come see Adam give you a tour of all the sexy new features in Visual Studio 2017 and Team Foundation Server 2017. This session is guaranteed to make you even more productive and highlight why Visual Studio is still the best IDE for developing software.

As a bonus, Adam will show you the cool stuff you gotta know:

  • Light weight installer
  • Light weight solution loading
  • New refactoring features
  • New code navigation features
  • Live Unit Testing
  • VS Code + ASP.NET Core

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