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Serverless Framework

(released 3/07/2017)

We'll be back in July with Shea Kelly speaking about working with the serverless framework and how you can use it to deploy the same solution to multiple cloud providers. 

Bring along your tech news from the month as we'll have a round table discussion on it before Shea starts. 

As always it's free to attend. 

6 PM Wednesday July 5, in the ICT building at the University of Newcastle.

BMT Tax Depreciation will be providing free pizza.

RSVP on to help us plan for numbers.

The Road to Serverless 

Migrating your applications to the cloud can be a daunting task. After spending the last 12 months migrating .Net application to the cloud Shea has come to a conclusion: The future is serverless! This presentation will cover what life was like before are after migrating to the cloud, what serverless means, how to use the serverless framework and what it should power the next round of applications we develop. 

About Shea 

Shea is a Software Developer, Technical Lead and Software Architect with a background in Financial Services, Insurance, Mining and Consulting. He has a keen interest in cloud computing, serverless architectures and the power of the developer.  

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