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June Meeting

(released 2/06/2017)

We're back in June with 2 presentations.  We've got Stephen Carter coming up for Melbourne to talk about Kicking off Development and Object Recognition with HoloLens, and Anjali Wadhwa with Klee Thomas talking about automating API QA with Postman/Newman.

There will be free pizza thanks to BMT Tax Depreciation and some prizes thanks to Dev Express.

6:00 pm
Wednesday June 7 2017
ICT Building, the University of Newcastle

As always it’s free to attend and everyone is welcome to attend.

Kicking off Development and Object Recognition with HoloLens

What an exciting time to be on the forefront of technology, with HoloLens poised to be a major game-changer and new devices being developed for the mixed reality market.  

SSW was one of the first companies in Australia to purchase the US$3000 HoloLens developer edition.

Microsoft originally assumed it would be a gaming product, but surprisingly, these dev editions are mostly not being purchased by entertainment or gaming companies. In fact, the business demand of this product has dramatically outperformed Microsoft’s expectations.

During this presentation, Stephen will take you through:

· The six fundamental building blocks of HoloLens’ applications  

· Unity setup for HoloLens development  

· HoloLens object recognition with Vuforia  

· HoloLens Spatial Understanding with HoloToolkit

· HoloLens demonstration with a working HoloLens, this presentation is not to be missed.

Automating API QA with Postman/Newman

Most developers these days are building API's as part of their product stack and most Developers/QAs have used Postman as part of the testing but how many of you have dug into the tool using the sandbox environment to write pre-request scripts to customize requests, post request scripts to assert on the response and then included that in your CI builds?  Anjali and Klee will cover how they're including Postman/Newman in their builds at nib to automate some of the QA process.

About Stephen Carter

Stephen is the VIC State Manager and a Senior Software Architect for SSW with a diverse background in business, rail, insurance, utilities and emergency services managing the end-to-end delivery of technology projects. Stephen started his IT career in the late 80’s developing insurance applications in Pascal and since then has ridden the crest of numerous technological tsunamis, from the birth of the internet in the early 90’s, through to the introduction of mobile phones and mobile internet. Stephen believes we are on the crest of another technological revolution with the release of HoloLens, and he is chomping at the bit to explore the world of mixed reality and to share his learnings with developers, business, and enthusiasts alike.

About Klee Thomas

Klee is a Software Developer working at nib and organiser of the Newcastle Coders Group. He's Clean Code and Craftsmanship advocate. Outside of software development fan of Martial Arts, Neftlix and spending time with his wife and cats.

About Anjali Wadhwa

Anjali is a QA engineer who's career has bridged continents and companies.  Recently she left Thoughtworks to take up a job helping to improve software quality at nib.

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