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(released 5/12/2017)

We're back in December for our last meeting of the year, from UX to CX: a deep dive into improving the Customer Experience – and a hello to Zendesk! Presenter: Adam Cogan.

Wednesday 6th December, 6pm to 9pm
ICT Building, Ring Road, Callaghan

Customers want more than a good UI. They expect a good user experience but now the focus is on giving the customer a great ‘Customer Experience’.

Companies like AirBnB, Uber and ServiceNSW have set a new expectation for customer service. Adam will look at how techniques such as Live Chat, Continued Flow, Ticket Deflection and support embedded in the mobile app can increase customer satisfaction.

We will then talk about the zero touch goal and more from Amazon’s 14 leadership principals.

Finally we will cover the tools available and dive into the Zendesk API

As per usual everyone is welcome and it's free to attend.

On the night we'll have:

And plenty of chances to meet and chat with other technical folk from the area.

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