(released 25/10/2017)
We're back on November 1st. We've got Cameron Dwyer speaking at Modern Office Add-in Development.

October Meeting
(released 3/10/2017)
We've got two speakers lined up for October 4th. Stephen Gibberd will be giving us an insight into his experience in using Erlang in communications and Clinton McKinnon from Obelisk Systems will be sharing the story of how Obelisk systems went from Building Robot arms and CubeSat to teaching Python to nearly 2000 students.

Bug Bounties, and Angular vs React at Zendesk
(released 31/08/2017)
This month we've got one hell of a double header. Two friends of the coders group Rhys Elsmore and Adam Cogan, who regularly speak at international events.

August Meeting
(released 1/08/2017)
We're back on Wednesday August 2nd with  2 speakers on very different topics. Sean Standen talking about Angular and Jordan Jensen talking about overcoming overthinking. 

Serverless Framework
(released 3/07/2017)
We'll be back in July with Shea Kelly speaking about working with the serverless framework and how you can use it to deploy the same solution to multiple cloud providers. 

June Meeting
(released 2/06/2017)
We're back in June with 2 presentations.  We've got Stephen Carter coming up for Melbourne to talk about Kicking off Development and Object Recognition with HoloLens, and Anjali Wadhwa with Klee Thomas talking about automating API QA with Postman/Newman.

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